BINs or Bank Identification Number is used by every bank to make ever credit card, prepaid debit or credit card and debit cards unique and personalized. The BIN identifies the bank and the issuer of the card through the first six digits of the card. You may not be aware of this but the BIN is something that you use almost every day if you make purchases or payments using your bank card.

Credit and debit cards – whether postpaid or prepaid – are used now more than ever to make access to funds easier and more convenient. As a result, credit card and identify theft is now more prevalent, making security all the more important not just for your customers but also your business as well.

BinDataSet understands the urgency of protecting your best interests and that is why we have put together premium security solutions to help you track and verify pertinent customer information using an up-to-date and easy-to-use database that will provide you with accurate information that you need to curb the problem of credit card fraud.

Unlike free versions of BIN databases that you can use online, BinDataSet’s database is regularly updated to ensure that the best and most recent software and programs are being used and implemented by our customers. BinDataSet is committed to providing only top-quality products and services to our customers because your security is our #1 priority.

Small and big businesses alike will benefit from the BinDataSet database. Businesses that conduct online sales transactions are especially vulnerable to fraudulent activities and with our database, companies will be able to significantly reduce and eventually eliminate the dangers of credit card fraud through online transactions.

Invest in reliable security for your business. Let BinDataSet help you in securing the future of your company.